The Dawn Of A Brave New Socialism (Pt.2)

November 7, 2008 at 9:38 pm

I did observe that to hide my own obsession with US politics (and also the fact that it’s being done to death over just about every website this side of Jupiter) I’d leave the topic alone.

However this nice piece of artwork from The Lakelander (check out his site) made me smile so I thought I’d pass it on. His site is rather like this one…political with random oddities, but he is a bit handy with graphics editing so check in there for on-the-ball pictures.

Anyway, the US have finally elected B Hussein Obama who emerged as the least annoying trivial non-entity from the biggest crowd of misfits and never-will-be losers who ever contemplated standing for their local council let alone the White House. He certainly has heartfelt good intentions and he genuniely believes that he’s going to save the planet from evil capitalists by nationalising everything in sight and putting everyone on either the Government payroll or benefits.

However as an aside he has said that he intends to “stop all toy imports from China” which is a bit of fun as the US import 80% of their toys from here. Not going to be a fun Christmas for some, is it? And they will be voters in 2020…

The politics of the madhouse lefties…gird your loins for four years of it.

Remember to check out the Lakelander’s site. Worth it.