A WordCloud Take on Chris Huhne’s Sentencing

March 11, 2013 at 10:50 pm

We’ve all had a good laugh about the conviction and (today) sentencing of lying expense-fiddling speedpoints-fiddling holier-than-thou excuse for a human being Chris Huhne and his equally unpleasant ex-wife.

There’s no need to rehash the story here. He’s going to be in prison for 8 months and then released to become manager of Portsmouth Football Club. Heaven knows we need the points from wherever we can get them.

Nevertheless, using the marvels of modern technology it’s fun to get a new slant on his fall from power – a wordcloud of the Judge’s summing up.

The key paragraph:

Despite your high office you CH tried to lie your way out of trouble by claiming that you were innocent, by repeating that lie again and again during your extensive interviews by the police, and by maintaining it in your Defence Case Statement to the Court in which it was asserted that “Mr Huhne…..can state unequivocally that he has never asked anyone to anyone to accept responsibility for a speeding offence and as a consequence take penalty points on his behalf…”.


They  should both be released on a tag on Friday 10th of May, which puts rather a dampener on TheEye’s anticipation of the new Star Trek film comes out that same day. Oh well. It can’t all be good news.

In the meantime we’ve got Hitler Learns of Huhne’s Downfall to find on YouTube soon…