Spotted a dead US President? Buy pills here!

November 6, 2008 at 8:38 pm

I’ve resisted the temptation to blog very much about the US Election on the grounds that everyone else is doing it a whole lot better (and much worse) than me. I’ve just retreated to the AllSeeingEye’s secret lair and am enjoying reading the refined efforts/collective stupidity of many others.

Some of those efforts have made it safely in to my spamfilter however, and I’ve read them with amusement. Do you need to buy some hunt-the-sausage assisting pills? …well the Eye can help.

Spam now on the loose claim either B Hussein Obama or John McCain are dead to trick stupid American into clicking on Canadian websites peddling dodgy pills. If you are stupid, feel free to open emails with subjects like “Barak and McCane killed”, “McCane died of heart stroke” and “McCane’s wife private video”.

McCain was used in the Subject line by such scams long before the election because of his age but this really is pushing the envelope a bit. Obama only (based on my much-spammed main inboxes) was named in a Trojan-horse scam involving supposed Flash updates which probably implies that most scammers are Democrat I guess.