Yawn, another day, another historic thingy

November 5, 2008 at 3:34 pm

Both parts of the title are true. ‘Yawn’ because I stayed up to watch the whole thing and had a few drinks (not contributing I hope to someone on Iain Dale’s most excellent live chat calling me a ‘right-wing nutcase’ or something along those lines). I’ve only just woken up. Having been to the pub yesterday before coverage started and come back to the house with a soon-to-be-comatose drunken battered female friend trying to avoid her boyfriend and our female prison officer mate I could tell that the night was going to be odd.

Anyway, they took the two bedrooms (and a large chunk of my wine rack) leaving me with the sofa and the growing horror of a B Hussein Obama victory. Enjoying Iain’s excellent chat engine I braved it to the end.

My new blogging amigo “Another Day” has effused over the result, saying that it is a great thing. Other sites on my must-read list are saying that the world is about to end. I’m more in the wait and see camp – having observed on many occasions that I’d have liked both of them to lose. Duncan Hunter was my choice from the primaries.

My main blogging-related gripe is the BBC. All night it was an Obama Wank-A-Thon and I bet that exactly as the documented incidents stated when the great Baroness Thatcher was undemocratically unseated – the halls of the BBC were filled with empty champagne bottles. It’s a “historic election” apparently. Yeah, of course it is. They’ve had 40-ish since that criminal destruction of tea-leaves in a harbour so all of them are going to be historic. As for going down in history, me running a bath also technically counts as history although I doubt any Norse bard will sing songs of my bath-running victory and salute my rightful place at the High Table in Asgard.

I’ll blog more on my view of what went right/wrong later but am going to have a glass of breakfast to sort my head out, check out the House/Senate results, clean the place up after the impact of the mad women, read ConHome, Iain and Guido and then go to the pub.