Canadian Sex Shop Shafted

October 13, 2008 at 8:08 am

You’ve got to feel for (not literally) Wicked Wanda – the owner of a sex shop in Ottawa who four days ago was robbed of $2,000 worth of vibrators.

Two sticky light-fingered miscreants swiped the joysticks from Wicked Wanda’s Adult Emporium at approx 2.30am. However, 41-year-old Wanda Cotie can take a little amusement from the lack of sexual imagination of the two thieves.

“They took all the Rabbits but they left the Seahorse, probably because they had enough butt plugs. The Seahorse comes with a butt plug,” she said. “They didn’t even touch the German stuff. I don’t get it.”

The rubber-keen robbers did indeed leave all the high-end German erogenous engineering and other expensive happy-making kit, preferring the rather low-rent and run-of-the-mill Rabbits and vibrating bullets. Cotie is confused. “How do you get rid of vibrators? Give them to your friends?”

Apparently she doesn’t plan to claim on her insurance and is instead being philosophical. “You just have to swallow it,” Cotie said.

(from cnews – sorry no link, and see how I’ve resisted the obvious picture…I’m just too polite)