BBC Question Time LiveChat 5th July 2012

July 5, 2012 at 8:39 pm

Question Time tonight comes from Derby.

On the panel we have Conservative MP Louise Mensch, Energy and “climate change” Secretary Ed Davey MP, former postman and occasional home secretary Alan Johnson MP, Sunday Times and Independent columnist Dominic Lawson, and John Lydon, former lead singer of the Sex Pistols and founder of the band Public Image Ltd.

This Week will follow, and we have the standard lineup of Andrew Neil with Michael Portillo, plus Alastair Campbell. Lucky us.

This is the last Question Time of the season and also possibly the last one we host here using CoverItLive who have decided to start charging. We think (fingers crosssed) that David Mosque has enough ‘credit’ left in his test account to run this tonight.

However we are still trying to source an alternative. Any suggestions – please let us know!

You are very welcome to join us once again. Please play nicely.