Parochial News: The RAF Are In Town

June 21, 2012 at 11:19 pm

Tornado landing at RAF Gibraltar

They are a 100 year old failed experiment but because they helped out in the ’40s we haven’t politically been able to roll the Royal Air Force back into the Fleet Air Arm and a logistical branch of the Army. TheEye believes in spliting the RAF’s capacity between the two remaining services; giving the army the lift and delivery components and the navy responsibility for the strike capability  … meaning fighters etc.

Ho hum. But it’s political suicide … a sensible idea which isn’t going to happen…

Eight RAF Tornado aircraft from IX(B) Squadron and 31 Squadron have arrived today for a month of training at RAF Gibraltar. The aircraft will be taking part in Air Combat Training exercises, Exercise Rockbat and Exercise Goldrock. Who thinks these names up, eh?

The Tornado GR4s are based at RAF Marham in Norfolk and in recent years both squadrons have seen action on operations in Afghanistan and more recently, Libya. The aircraft will fly ‘clean’ (no weapons or fuel tanks) to encourage the pilots to manoeuvre their aircraft to the limits. TheEye will enjoy watching the action from the dangerous environment of sitting-on-the-boat-with-gin.

Plus having the military here will annoy the Spanish. Bonus!