A Falklands Flashback

June 15, 2012 at 7:00 am

And so we commemorate the dead of the Falklands Conflict – ended 30 years ago. TheEye (as you can guess from this being a partly military blog) had family active in the combat zone.

The British Forces had 258 losses and 775 wounded. The other side had…yeah, whatever… lots more and they lost. Not sorry at all and frankly – bring it on again and we’ll win again. Or go whining to the UN if you like. That’ll work, eh?

Just a shame that Lady Thatcher didn’t have the courage to nuke Buenos Aires at the time and really finish the issue off.

And so these pictures are offered without comment. Apart from Gotcha. Which technically counts as “comment”. But is so true that it doesn’t.

We had one of these. 
They (temporarily) had one of these. 

And then they didn’t. Result.