Ghostly Goings On

May 13, 2012 at 1:01 pm

The Eye occasionally explores the outer reaches of the truth – something which occasionally causes domestic grief …“how was I to know it was a strip club? We were just going for a beer in a different part of town” But this is rather good and will be stored away for future use:

A young mother has been evicted from her council home after blaming a ghost for the noise coming from all-night parties. Leanne Fennell, 20, from Hull told her neighbours a poltergeist was responsible for the late-night noises and rubbish thrown around her home.
In January, neighbours complained to the council that parties at the property lasted until the early hours of the morning, up to four times in a single week.

A neighbour told the Hull Daily Mail: “She told us a poltergeist would keep switching the music on really loud when she was in bed.”

If it had worked as a plea it would have been awesome.

A doff of the fedora to Plato