A Fond Farewell

March 30, 2012 at 5:30 pm

It’s with a touch of sadness that I add my voice to those saying farewell to “The Crazy Red Chicken” as we called her.

Today was the final decommissioning ceremony of HMS Liverpool. She was my home for a while last year, and we had some good sport (READ HERE).

The chaps at the ministry claim that she is being replaced by Type 45s. Well I’m not sure how good you are at maths, but there were 16 type 42s and there will only be 6 Type 45s!!

The type 45s are not even ready to take over! The one that the Argies are currently complaining about is still tied up in Pompey! The others have many “teething” issues that would stop them doing anything like a decent job, or even putting to sea in some cases!

The long “ribbon” you see on the picture is her decommissioning pennant. It’s length is based on her years of service.

Goodbye Old Girl. Thanks for the fun.