Guns Don’t Kill People…

August 27, 2011 at 7:31 am

Firstly, TheEye would like to apologise for a lengthy absence from the blog. Life has taken a temporary sidestep into madness and nonsense. There’s light at the end of the tunnel at least. This long weekend isn’t it, but a few days of respite have arrived.

In the meantime, my very grateful thanks to my friend Max Farquar for keeping you entertained here for the last few weeks. I am deeply in his debt.

And to stay on the subject of madness, consider this further step in Britain’s well documented spiral into collective doom:

Children will be banned from watching shooting events under Boris Johnson’s Olympic ticket giveaway.

London schoolchildren are eligible for 125,000 Olympic tickets but these will not include any featuring guns, as Games organisers and City Hall fear a backlash from the anti-gun lobby.

Giving children tickets to the events, at the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich, could have appeared at odds with Mayor Boris Johnson’s bid to quell teenage gun and knife crime.

Er, because our gun-control mania worked so well stopping the recent riots?

In the recent trouble, TheEye would have liked to have seen riot control done with longbows. A pile of looter corpses with arrow shafts lodged in them whilst police on horseback charged the rest…it’d be Agincourt or Crecy all over again.

“Remember kids, bows and arrows don’t kill people; Olympic archers do!”