Police marksman inserted song lyrics into fatal shooting evidence

November 2, 2010 at 6:18 pm

Police marksman inserted song lyrics into fatal shooting evidence

Apparently a copper has been suspended for inserting lyrics of songs into his evidence reports!

Oh for Christ’s sake! This is standard stuff for those who have to deal with some of the grottier aspects of society, especially those of us who tote guns!

It used to be standard fare at 2 star briefings in Southern Iraq for the briefer to be given challenges by his mates on seeing if he could get certain Song lyrics or song titles into a brief, often about what we had been doing to the Jaish al-Madhi, or even them to us! If the general spotted it you failed!

Your author St C can reliably report on a certain set of radio traffic that occurred over a battle-group radio net (time & location never to be repeated).

Call-signs have been changed to protect the innocent!

M21A this is 0E what is the visibility at your location

M21A I can see clearly ……. now the rain has gone

0E Roger! Can you see all obstacles in your way!?!

and so it went on!

This has been going on forever, and is a light-hearted way of getting pressure out of the system. The bloke was just doing what we’ve all been doing for years, and the PC brigade (literally!) seem about to hang him out to dry.