Non-Jobs (An Occasional Series) Pt.543

June 30, 2010 at 9:32 am

The Lawn Tennis Association will get £26m of our money between 2009-13. It’s a wonderful investment…just when we thought we’d got rid of one miserable republican Scot in politics it seems we’ve got no choice but to suffer another one at Wimbledon. 

And what results do we get for this money? We lost in the Davis Cup to Lithuania in March. Bloody Lithuania. The country with the highest murder rate in the EU and the second highest suicide rate in the world. Understandable, though, that the men have strong forearms and flexible wrists ideal for tennis…with the sixth fastest download speeds in the world.
But never fear, the LTA has got its priorities right. Our bunch of losers are going to be drawn from an ethnically diverse bunch of losers.

And in the Guardian, too. What a surprise. You’re paying for that.