A Land Fit For Heroes?

March 11, 2009 at 3:42 pm

Despite the fact that this is already receiving widespread front page media attention. this demands a post on this military-leaning blog.

Muslims, as everyone will know by now, protested when the 2nd Battalion Royal Anglicans marched through Luton to mark their return from a tour of Basra. There were 12 fewer of them than there should have been.

But a police-sanctioned demonstration by “British” Muslims waved banners and chanted, calling them “Butchers of Basra”, “babykillers” and “war criminals”. Enraged locals chased them off but only after the police decided to try to keep the demonstration going by protecting them.

Unfortunately Labour’s scheme for ID cards isn’t in place yet as it would have been very helpful in identifying this lot.

Here we see the locals rallying in support of our troops and sweeping these scumsucking parasites from the streets:

But what did the police do? Nick two of the locals.

These people come across here and claim our benefits and handouts but this is what we get in return. Men and women with more courage and integrity in their fingernail come back in bodybags and this is how the hero who stood next to those who didn’t make it in that same foxhole, slept in that same tent or was the sole survivor of that same roadside bomb are treated? And the police pick which side again?

A gentleman of TheEye’s parish observed at lunchtime that the officers should have ordered the soldiers to break ranks and then they should have turned their backs for 20 mins whilst the men ‘educated’ these (insert favourite phrase from the GOT’s blog here) in the art of not being so (insert second favourite phrase).

In fact, I realise now that should have written this over there. Too late now. Damn.

If you are near Lincoln tomorrow at 12:15 then please go along and show your support for the lads who will be marching there.