Anyone Want To Buy A Golliwog?

February 8, 2009 at 9:04 am

The dhimmification of the United Kingdom procedes apace, with news that as of next month, Asda will sell a £24.99 ‘Muslim Doll’ to teach Quranic Arabic to immigrant children.

It’s going to be piloted in the Bradford store. Go on, insert obvious comments here and save me the effort.

If you squeeze the foot of the female doll then it says “As-Salamu’Alaikum,” the traditional islamic greeting, “my name is Aamina and I am a Muslim.”

For the record, the lad is called “Yousef”, but that’s not really important here.

Both speak Quranic words, phrases and surahs (prayers) which they then translate into English.

Someone called Noor Ali, who celebrates in the title of Asda Ethnic Non-Food Buyer intends over the next few months to offer us saris, salwa kameez suits, jewellery and shawls from Asia, plus West Indian hair care products, Polish Mother’s Day cards, and Indian fashion magazines.

Both of the dolls come with realistic ethnic headgear which is apparently fine to the Thought Police, so does anyone want a golliwog?