A Land Fit For Heroes?

January 28, 2009 at 9:41 am

Whilst promising to return with a more serious post, TheEye didn’t think it would be this serious. There are times when the self-imposed ban on becoming a sweary blog is hard to maintain.

From the DailyLabourGraph we learn: Council blocks home for maimed marine.

Marine Joe Townsend (20) put his foot on a landmine in Afghanistan last February and it cost him both legs – one completely and one to the knee. So far so bad. But the scum who comprise Wealden District Council – who seem to have borrowed their moral compass from Adi Amin – have refused permission to build a wheelchair-friendly bungalow on land owned by his grandparents. No-one complained, but it was deemed “intrusive” and “in breach of planning laws”. No exceptions allowed.

The Head of Planning and Building Control for the council, Kelvin Williams, who seems to be more slimy than a tape-worm’s colostomy-bag, claims that an alternative offer of sticking a new shed on the back of the house or converting an “existing storage facility at the rear of the existing dwelling” (you can live in the garage) were adequate. No sign of the specially designed bathroom and carer’s room that he now needs.

This chap is a hero and deserves better from our country.

Tell that to Kelvin Williams….

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