World Cup With A Difference But Predictable Result

January 4, 2009 at 3:47 pm

Not exactly hot-off-the-press but in the first week of November, Melbourne, Australia hosted the 6th Annual Homeless World Cup, bringing homeless people from 56 countries for a 4-a-side street soccer tournament.

Afghanistan ultimately prevailed 5-4 over Russia in the men’s final while Zambia won the inaugural women’s final 7-1.

Newly elected Lord Mayor Robert Doyle said ‘over 70 per cent of players are so positively affected by the experience that they go on to change their lives for the better.’

Yeah, spot on Bob me old mucker. The reason for this post: more recent reports now say that least 15 players from countries including Zimbabwe and Afghanistan have applied to remain in Australia as asylum seekers. At least one other is completely AWOL.

We’d never have guessed that was likely, would we?

If it’s not been cancelled before then and if remembered, TheEye will run a competition for how many athletes become asylum seekers during the London Games. Prize for the closest guess.