When Great Ships Fade

November 17, 2008 at 1:33 pm

If you will indulge me, two ship related posts in succession. Yesterday the QE2 sailed away from Gibraltar for the final time. Her ultimate destination, as we all know, is Dubai to become a floating hotel.

Many places such as the smaller Mediterranean islands and resorts – and other similar places further overseas – have a distinct lack of quality places to stay. That turns many places in to somewhere you go for a day-trip rather than a holiday, or somewhere you might otherwise like to drop in to but the facilities are too poor for a family to stay.

As the age of medium-sized cruise liners fade and super-liners become the order of the day…rather than turn these majestic ships into razor blades and never see their like again, more obscure resorts should be looking to smaller but reasonably well known ships to bolster their appeal.