Lest We Forget (Pt.2) and unending

November 13, 2008 at 12:31 am

I’m specifically avoiding a “It’s This Long” comment based on the photograph because Lord Ashcroft (who is the world’s biggest collector of VC’s. That’s slightly due to our current government’s contempt for our armed forces which force grieving spouses to have to sell them on) has published a book called SPECIAL FORCES HEROES.

You’ll read about 40 SAS and SBS soldiers given medals for bravery in the service of the free world.

Channel 5 are putting a series on at the moment. The money Lord Ashcroft raises is going directly to the charity Help For Heroes.*

A chunk of my money is in for this cause…where is yours for these people prepared to stand in harms way in our defence?

*Declaration of interest – none for either the charity or the book . I just think this is a good cause.