Appeal For Help: Movie Suggestions

October 23, 2008 at 5:26 pm

A good friend of mine (not pictured) is rather keen on gory and horror-themed movies. He’s asked me to post for suggestions as to how to expand his collection.

His most recent 15 additions (or on order) are:

* Santa Sangria
* BrainDead
* The New York Ripper
* Citizen Toxic – The Toxic Avenger IV
* The Gore-Gore Girls
* Splatter: Naked Blood
* Nekromantik (I’ve seen the first few mins of this one, stay well clear)
* Ichi The Killer
* Irreversible (actually a great arty French movie and worth watching)
* Street Trash (billed as “EraserHead” meets “Night of the Living Dead”)
* Audition
* Men Behind The Sun
* Redneck Zombies
* Visitor Q
* Ebola Syndrome

If any of you are suitably warped enough to share his taste then please add extra suggestions in the Comments.