Today Morocco, tomorrow the world!

October 21, 2008 at 4:19 pm

The onward march of EUropean socialism continues apace as Morocco is fooled into thinking that “advanced status” of the EU is a good idea…in readiness for a gradual absorbtion. The Moroccan Foreign Minister, Taïeb Fassi Fihri, welcomed the “advanced status” and stressed that Rabat would henceforth benefit from “all” the advantages of the EU.

Ha! Name three. Or let’s make it two for less of a challenge.


Jeune Afrique reports blandly that this status (long wanted by Morocco which needs the money because it is an economic and social basket case) means “a gradual integration of the kingdom into the internal markets of the Union.”

“We fulfill the definition of Romano Prodi: ‘everything except the institutions,’” said Fassi Fihri, referring to the 2003 declaration of convicted criminal, then president of the European Commission and general fuckwit Romano Prodi who had said that the countries south of his villa could share with the EU “everything except the institutions.” “We’re getting close to the ‘everything’” so he seems to think.

“except the institutions.” Ah, not completely daft then Taïeb, are you.

They’ll be in Eurovision next. Or maybe they already are – I don’t know or care.

The really cool thing for the country that Gibraltarians can see out of the kitchen window is that the new shiny business card the country gets means some regular EU-Moroccan summits, the participation of Morocco in European operations of “crisis management”, and the creation of a “common economic space” similar to the current European economic space that interferes with trade between the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

And lots of boozy foreign travel, junkets and exotic lunches.

Hugues Mingarelli, one of our unelected European enemies, says that it is “impossible to determine a date” when this farce will kick in because this negotiation not only means lowering customs tariffs and other anti-competitive stuff that we are inflicting on other countries at the moment, but also forcing the Moroccans to change their laws to suit us. The EU are claiming “food safety” for a start but it’s never going to stop there, is it?.

Why is an otherwise sensible country signing up to this idiocy?

As DK would ask- can we leave yet?