Hurrah! The longest Parliamentary holiday since records began 30 years ago.

October 20, 2008 at 12:21 am

The unbelievably awful Deputy Labour leader Harriet Dromey has (slightly) redeemed herself in my eyes. She has told MPs they can leave Westminster on Dec 18 and they do not need to return until Jan 12 – a week longer than is usual for Christmas (if I’m allowed to call it that any more).

Let’s go for Wintermas or Winter Holidays or anything to keep the PC nuts away.

Philip Davies MP (Con-Shipley) says “This is outrageous, totally unacceptable and far too long.”

“Our duty is to hold the Government to account and we cannot do that if we are not in Parliament. It is clear the Government has run out of ideas and wants to avoid such scrutiny.”

He’s lost the plot. The Government doesn’t respond to any scrutiny because they are arrogant and believe that they can rule by diktat for ever. The longer we keep these power-hungry maniacs – especially the one brilliantly dubbed by Guido as the “Prime Mentalist” away from Parliament and the chance to pass more laws the better. In fact, keeping anyone away from the chance to further enslave our every move is a good thing.

Further good news – when they return on January 12 it’s only five weeks before another 10-day holiday in February. Then a 17-day Easter break, 10 days for Whitsun and 82 days for summer. In total, Parliament is not expected to sit on more than 150 days in the coming year; basically only 30 working weeks.

On these “holidays”, some MPs take the chance to work in their constituencies – holding surgeries, answering letters, visiting local schools and hospitals etc. Also, for example, a few Conservative MP’s are members of the TA which is an excellent thing (I don’t know of any members of other parties who are but would be happy to be informed in the comments). However many on both sides of the Chamber do not do anything at all.

I was at an event which Mrs. Dromey attended about 10 years ago and she was most definitely MILF then. Ah, plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.