(Mc)Chrystal Clear

October 3, 2009 at 8:50 pm

I was mighty impressed with the good general’s speech on Thursday given at the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

To read the full text read here and I strongly urge you to. He really did make some pertinent points, and I truly believe that the top of the US military (although probably not the bottom) has a better grasp on how counter insurgency Ops (COIN) should be handled, than even us in the UK. The UK can no longer play the “we were fighting COIN for years in Northern Ireland” card, or, we can, but the Yanks have caught us up!

His closing remarks were a little sentimental, but I think were heartfelt, and perhaps we can fulfill his wish.

“In conclusion, I am exceptionally proud to serve at ISAF. Within my office, I have a picture of a British battle group, led by Lieutenant Colonel Gus Fair, with whom I worked for a long time in Iraq. He is with his soldiers, who I had the opportunity to speak with when I visited them during operations in Spin Majid this summer in the Helmand River valley. I keep that picture because, when I looked into their eyes, which were bloodshot with fatigue, I remember the extraordinary professionalism, competence and sheer courage of those young men. Whenever I come to London, I like to run through the city, and I particularly like the statues that you have erected to heroes. I hope that you erect one to that generation – they have earned it. Thank you.

Regards, and sorry for the absence!

St C